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To contact the school, please email or call (720)561-8600. You can also use the contact form, or search the staff directory under the "Academics" tab.

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After school club information coming soon! Watch the Friday Flash for upcoming opportunities!

BVSD School Age Care

BVSD School Age Care offers inclusive, fun and licensed surroundings for kindergarten through 5th grade students before and after the bell. Seven enriching Learning Zones give time for creative exploration, homework and outdoor play to complement the school day. 

See what happens during the school day with Colt TV. Watch the Friday Flash to see the latest episode. 

Birthday Celebrations - NEW

Celebrating student birthdays at Kohl will no longer include treats. We have thoughtfully considered this adjustment and have decided to move forward with it for three primary reasons (in no particular order). First, an increasing number of students have significant food allergies. Second, there is an equity component involved in which some families are able to provide a substantial birthday treat while others families, who may struggle to put food on their own table at home, are not able to provide anything to celebrate their child’s birthday. Finally, as we continue to evaluate how we use the limited time we have with our kids, we want to make sure we are focusing all of it in the most impactful places.

We are going to celebrate students’ birthdays, though, because we think it is important. Each student will be profiled in Colt TV during their birthday week/month. In addition, at the end of the month, all students who have a birthday will come to the office at one time to receive a gift from the school.

Spirit Wear!
Purchase spirit wear from Sideline Store.


Showing gratitude and acknowledging others is one of the most important things we can do to create and maintain a strong sense of community at Kohl. In fact, we believe in the power of appreciation so much that we devote time to it during every staff meeting. If you have a message of kindness or gratitude that you would like to share with a Kohl staff member, you can use the following form to tell them “YOU ROCK.” This link is also available each Friday in the Flash.

Individually wrapped snacks, please

Party Snack Guidelines

  • Snacks must be store bought and in the original packaging
  • Snacks must be individually wrapped (like string cheese)
  • If your child has food allergies, please communicate that information directly to your child’s teacher. Information about allergies is documented in Infinite Campus (IC), however, there is sometimes a delay between parents/guardians receiving updated health information and sharing it with the school.  Please help us keep our party events allergy safe by communicating this important information.

Snack Ideas: Individually wrapped examples include: crackers, apple sauce, chips, popcorn, cookies, cheese, pretzels, granola bars, bananas, cuties, cereal, fruit cups, jello, pudding, Danimals smoothies, Gogurt, slim jim's, goldfish, rice krispie treats, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, yogurt, animal crackers, etc.