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Does your child need medications during the school day? 

All medications, even over the counter medications, need a BVSD medication authorization form completed by your provider. 

Please refer to the BVSD health services website  for medication order forms, including the Colorado standardized health care plans for asthma, seizures, & anaphylaxis allergies. These forms are listed under Health Resources > Student Health Forms

Please bring your child's medication order or state action plan along with the medication to the health room. Students are not permitted to drop off their own medications to the health room. 

The guidance from CDPHE states:
If you test positive, you should notify the school and isolate at home until: 

  1. You have had no fever for at least 24 hours — without the use of fever-reducing medicines, AND 
  2. Your symptoms are improving, AND 
  3. It has been at least 5 days since your symptoms began if you do not develop symptoms, count 5 days from when the test was administered
  4. You should then wear a well-fitted mask for the next 5 days when around others. 

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