Physical Education

Physical Education is much more than participating in physical activity. It is about learning how to be involved in ways that benefit you most. It is about exploring different opportunities, whether that be team sports, individual sports, or fitness-based activities. It’s about learning the physiology of the body and the impact on the brain and making good choices that lead to a long and healthy life.

Meet our Physical Education Teacher/s

Callie Kaiser

Job Title: Teacher

Hello! My name is Callie Kaiser, I am so very excited to be joining the Kohl community this year!

I am a Colorado native! I attended both Broomfield Heights, and Broomfield High graduating in 2015! From there I was fortunate enough to continue my education and athletic career at Colorado State University, where I was a part of the women's basketball team for 3 years. I then made the BIG move out of Colorado to northern California where I attended the University of the Pacific playing basketball for the Tigers for 2 years! I was one of the lucky ones who got to graduate in 2020… online, I have been back in Colorado since then!

I have grown up around sports my entire life! and I have a passion for helping to get and keep kids physically active in some form or fashion!

I enjoy spending time with my family! Between my parents, two older brothers, sister-in-law, two dogs, two puppy nieces and a brand new baby niece!