Meet our Art Teacher

Timothy Posey

Job Title: Teacher

Hi, I'm Mr. Posey. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and grew up in the small town of Frederick. I have always been interested in art and music, and have worked in the arts in many different ways over the years. In my free time, I make acrylic paintings and run an online business through which I sell hand-made polymer clay figures of cartoon characters. I also love to watch classic movies, play music, and read lots of books.

As Kohl's art teacher, I want to teach my students the skills that will allow them to express themselves visually. It is my opinion that anyone can make art that is successful. Each student artist is given the time and opportunity to develop their own style. By exploring a variety of media, artists, and techniques, students build their own artistic language to create art that is personal, meaningful, and unique. We learn that art makes life more interesting and beautiful.