3rd Grade

Our teachers place a big emphasis on social and emotional skills along with teaching the curriculum. Students are also exposed to art, music, technology, and physical education throughout the week. Learn more about the third grade curriculum below.

Meet our Third Grade Teachers

Mila Sbrocca

Job Title: Teacher

Hello Kohl Colts! I am so excited to be at Kohl for another amazing year! I have been teaching at Kohl for 24 years– including teaching 5th grade, 1st grade, 3rd grade and library– and can’t imagine teaching anywhere else.

This summer I did many of the things that I love most:
I taught (yep, even in the summer I can’t resist teaching!).
I read. So far this year I have read 62 books out of my goal of 100.
I camped and hiked and enjoyed the beauty of Colorado.

I hung out with my family and friends. My son Calvin, his fiance Morgan, my daughter Maia, as well as my mom, my brother, my nephews and lots of friends all live in Colorado so it’s easy to find someone to spend time with. And let’s not forget Charlie. He is my 14 pound poodle and my favorite hiking buddy.

Believe it or not, I am a Colorado native who went to Boulder Valley schools from kindergarten on. I graduated from CU-Boulder before moving to Broomfield and becoming a teacher at Kohl. My kids both went to Kohl and my daughter still wears a Kohl Colts sweatshirt constantly! We are proud to be a family of Colts. I am so looking forward to a great year teaching 3rd grade at the best school ever. Go COLTS!

Maya Thieme

Job Title: Teacher

My name is Maya Thieme, and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful community for the 2022-2023 school year! This will be my first year at Kohl, and my third year teaching. I previously taught 5th Grade and am thrilled to now be teaching 3rd Grade!

I believe that all students can learn and have fun while doing so. Because learning looks different for everyone, I employ research-based strategies to differentiate instruction and to create opportunities for hands-on learning in order for students to reach their full potential as learners.

I provide students with a supportive and inclusive environment because I believe that it promotes learning. My goal is to create a positive classroom environment where all students feel like they have a safe space to share their voice, feel recognized and seen, and feel like a valued member of our classroom family.

Fostering positive relationships with students is very important to me and my teaching. By talking to students as people and recognizing all of their diverse strengths and assets when they walk into our classroom allows me to be the best teacher I can be.

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