Principal's Message

Dr. Geoff Sandfort

Every Child, Every Day!  It sounds simple, doesn't it?  Yet the more one dwells on its meaning and the complexity of the work it represents, the more significant that statement becomes and the heavier its weight.  Every Child, Every Day!   It means that every day, every educator who works with every child welcomes with open hands, listens with open ears, and engages with an open heart.  That is big work! 

Our educators care deeply about kids.  You can see that commitment everywhere learning happens at Kohl.  We maintain a strong belief that students learn in many places besides the classroom and with many people besides teachers.  Our team of educators includes custodians, the Office Team, the counselor and mental health team, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, food service providers, and administrators, along with others. Now that you know a little bit about what we believe and how we think, we can share more about who we are. 

Kohl Elementary is a true neighborhood school, situated within a park-like tract of land that anchors our corner of Broomfield.  Our families and staff know that the grass really is greener in Colt Country, which explains the number multi-generational Kohl families in our school community, as well as the number of staff members whose own children are/were Colts.  We are proud of our history, excited by our present, and eagerly anticipate a future filled with innovative learning opportunities for students. 

Kohl is known as a high-achieving school; one that honors the individuality of children, values connections with parents, and intentionally cultivates partnerships in our community.  Through quality classroom instruction and a robust PBIS system that is deeply embedded in Kohl's culture, we strive to meet the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual needs of our students, such that they love learning and are prepared to tackle future challenges as tomorrow's leaders.  Our talented and dedicated staff are themselves learners, utilizing contemporary technologies to provide STEAM focused instruction that is differentiated and of sufficient depth and breadth to engage all learners.  Beyond a high-quality K-5 education, Kohl offers a play-based preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness.